Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia’s DLC will cost more than the game itself?!


Serenes Forest broke the news yesterday: The DLC Content for Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadoes of Valentia COMBINED will cost $53.50. If you want to say $9.50, you can buy the season pass for $44. As a reminder, the game costs $40 minus the DLC. The Alm and Celica Amiibo 2-pack costs $20. If you want all the DLC and the Amiibos you’re sending $104 or $113.50 in total, the price of the game included.

The obvious “WTH Nintendo?!” aside, most players will likely cherry-pick what DLC they get as usual. Yours truly will buy them all usual. It’s worth it to me. I have already alotted the necessary funds in my eShop account to buy the Season Pass when the game is released on May 19. That’s two weeks from tomorrow ^_^

To recap, all of the DLC in Fire Emblem Awakening costs $44. I own two copies of it–Physical on my Ambassador 3DS and digital on my other 3DS. I also have A physical copy of both Conquest and Birthright as well as the other campaign digital and the digital-only third campaign, Revelations. $20 per campaign so that’s $80 total. Oh and yes I have all the DLC times two so…yeah.

Again, it’s worth it to me. There was an 18-month gap between when I bought my first copy of Awakening and the second. I bought Birthright and Conquest at the same time. I haven’t yet decided if I will buy a second copy of Echoes but it won’t be later this year (LOL).

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