Pokemon UltraSun and Pokemon UltraMoon coming to the 3DS November 17



…To the surprise of no one, the question of what the companion to Sun and Moon will be seems to have been answered. UltraSun and UltraMoon (U-Sun and U-Moon for short) come to the 3DS this Fall the week before Thanksgiving so be thankful ^_^

If I had to guess, Nintendo will enable Poke Bank compatability for U-Sun/U-Moon ahead of their release and likely when Pokemon Gold and Silver are released on the Virtual Console in September (More on that in a bit).

What do we know about U-Sun/U-Moon? This:

  1. They’re being released worldwide on November 17 on the 3DS.
  2. Solgaleo, Lunala and several other Pokemon will new forms. Presumably, the new Alolan forms will be based on Johto Pokemon to tie in with the Virtual Console release of Gold and Silver. Solgaleo and Lunala’s new forms have something to do with Necrozma by the way.
  3. There will be additional Pokemon that weren’t in Sun or Moon though it’s not clear if they will just be Johto Pokemon or entirely new Pokemon ala Black 2 and White 2 as well. I’m assuming both for now.
  4. The games will load faster when played on the New Nintendo 3DS or New Nintendo 2DS.

…That’s prettymuch it. We know nothing of the games’ story though to be fair, the games were just announced today (LOL). Will it be a whole new story like Black 2 and White 2 or will it be an enhanced version of the current story ala Yellow, Crystal and Emerald? Time will tell ^_^

This brings me to the other big news I care about: Per popular request, Gold and Silver are coming to the Virtual Console. Now, the question to be asked is will Crystal follow? According to a picture I saw while I was looking for the above image, I would be VERY suprised if Crystal’s release isn’t announced as well =O

Thanks to the Virtual Console versions of Red, Blue and Yellow we know Gold and Silver will emulate trading using the console’s wireless feature. I almost forgot the original Gold and Silver introduced the Mystery Gift feature, which allows two players to receive a random useful item using the Game Boy Color’s infrared sensor. The 3DS family consoles have an infrared sensor so this feature will likely return ^_^

The 2nd Gen Pokemon games are actually considered two of the best handheld games of all time for a variety of reasons. For those who either need a refresher or didn’t know, the 2nd Gen games introduced ALL of the following features that have been staple going on 20 years now:

  • The Steel and Dark Types: Magnemite and Magneton are Electric/Steel Types in the 2nd Gen games.
  • Pokemon Genders: Aside from Legendaries, 95% of all Pokemon are now Male or Female. Certain Pokemon always Male (Nidoking) or Female (Miltank) while there are some who are Genderless (Voltorb).
  • Pokemon Eggs and Breeding: That moment Pokemon went PG-13. LOL. One of the biggest mysteries in Pokemon Lore is where DO those Pokemon Eggs come from? No one has ever actually seen Pokemon “do it” so…yeah.
  • Egg Moves: With breeding comes the ability to pass moves known by the “Father” Pokemon on to the son. Want to put Dragon Dance on a Tyranitar or Charizard? Breed a Female Charizard or Tyranitar with a Male Dragonite, Kingra or Gyarados that knows Dragon Dance. Want to put Mirror Move on Blastoise? Breed a Male Corsola with a Female Blastoise. Of course, it may take a few tries to breed a Female Charmander or Squirtle. Seriously though, Tyranitar’s only worth using competatively with Dragon Dance (aka D-Tar) so…yeah. One round of Dancing is enough for Tyranitar to outspeed most Pokemon. Two rounds of Dancing = Team Sweep including the Super Legendaries (Mewtwo, Lugia and Ho-Oh).
  • Special Stat split into Special Attack and Special Defense: Due to how overpowered Psychic Pokemon were in the 1st Gen, not only did they get a true weakness in Dark Types but they were weakened even futher by splitting the Special stat into Sp. Atk and Sp. Def. The introduction of the TM Move Calm Mind in the 3rd Gen (raises both Sp. Atk and Sp. Def) kinda negated this until the 6th gen though.
  • Hold Items: Pokemon now have the ability to hold items. This all-important feature added an extra layer of strategy that must be accounted for.
  • Additional Poke Ball Types: The Fast Ball, Heavy Ball and their variations in later games began in the 2nd gen. This made it easier to catch certain types of Pokemon.
  • Two cover Legendaries: The 2nd gen introduces Ho-Oh and Lugia as the cover Legendary Pokemon. Unlike the games that came after it, you could catch both legendaries in each game. You could catch Lugia in Gold or Ho-Oh in Silver after speaking to a certain person in Pewter City after defeating the Elite Four for the first time.
  • Roaming Pokemon: Raikou, Entei and Suicune were the original Roaming Pokemon. After you encounter them for the first time in Ecruteak City, the three will run off in different directions. You may then randomly encounter one of them while traveling around Johto as long as your lead Pokemon is under level 40. They run as soon as you encounter them so it’s a good idea to open with a level 38 Ariados that is holding the Quick Claw. Open with Spider Web to prevent them from running away. The Quick Claw is insurance vs. Eneti (Fire) since Ariados is a Bug/Poison Pokemon. You might also want to have a level 70+ Pokemon with False Swipe (target Pokemon is always left with 1 HP), a Pokemon with Hypnosis and (alot of) Ultra Balls.
  • Pre-Evolutionary Pokemon: Pichu, Igglybuff, Cleffa, Tyrogue, Elekid, Magby, Smoochum and Togepi. They would later be joined by the likes of Riolu, Bonsly, Mantyke, Budew and Munchlax. Aside from Riolu, 7 of the first 8 “Baby” Pokemon don’t require special conditions like the others do in order to get them. Just breed two of their evolved forms or one of their evolved forms with a Ditto. Tyrogue will evolve into Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee or Hitmontop depending on its Atk and Def stats when it hits level 20. You can use vitamins to manipulate its evolution.
  • The Alphabet Pokemon Unown: The game’s first multi-form Pokemon, there were 26 Unknown though one for the “!” and “?” punctuations were added in Crystal. Unknown could only use the move Hidden Power and while not much good for battles, there IS a fun reason to collect as many variations as Possible: You could spell words! This made for some mischief among friends and classmates like sharing secret messages or spelling out swear words (LOL!).
  • Night, Day and the Days of the Week: Easily the biggest feature added the Pokemon games ever was the sense of Time. Why? Because there are certain Pokemon that can only be caught or evolved depending on the time of day. To go with this, there were events and services that were only available to you depending on what day it was. This most obvious being the Day Siblings: On each day and in a certain location in Johto you will run into someone who will give you a hold item. They only do it once but it’s ok if you miss a day: They’ll be back the following week.
  • Shiny Pokemon: For most Pokemon Vets, the Red Gyarados at the Lake of Rage was their very first Shiny Pokemon. That aside, so far there is a Shiny version of every single Pokemon EXCEPT the Alolan Cover Legendaries. The catch: You have a 1 in 6,000 to 15,000 chance of encountering one. For those who are wondering: Pokemon imported from the 1st Gen could be Shiny when sent to the 2nd Gen (!). What’s so special about Shiny Pokemon? Color aside, absolutely nothing ^_^
  • PokeRus: Who knew Pokemon could get sick? Even weirder, this is a Super-Rare virus you WANT your Pokemon to get. Why? Because Pokemon with PokeRus grow faster and have more stat gains on level up that’s why. Oh and no there is no cure. To spread it, simply place an infected Pokemon in your PC and fight a few battles. Repeat for each box. Perks aside, it’s pretty harmless to the Pokemon.
  • Cross-Gen Trading: Obviously I care about this the most (LOL!). After you visit the Ecruteak City Pokemon Center for the first time, you will be able to trade between the 1st and 2nd Gens. Aside from the 1st Gen Starters, Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee, the Fossil Pokemon, Mewtwo and The Legendary Birds (for the Pokedex) you can also get certain items when importing certain Pokemon from the 1st Gen. For example if you send the Pikachu you receive in Pokemon Yellow to the 2nd Gen it will come holding the Light Ball, which doubles Pikachu’s Sp. Atk (!).

…I’d say that covers everything more or less.

In short, Gold and Silver are must-haves if you have Sun/Moon or the 1st Gen VC games or both. Presumably the cross-Gen transfer to the 7th Gen will be one-way. The difference is if you already have the VC versions of the 1st Gen games, you can breed the starters, the Hitmons, Eevee + Evolutions, the Fossil Pokemon and other Pokemon you only had one of up to now.




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