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AtGames releasing another Classic Sega Genesis Console [UPDATE 7/28/2017]

UPDATE 7/28/2017: In a scathing first-look review, Gamespot is telling consumers not to buy AtGames’ Sega Genesis Flashback. Read the article for details but one thing I overlooked is the fact that like the console they released last year, this … Continue reading

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Review: Shin Megami Tensei IV Apocalypse (Nintendo 3DS)

…Only a handful of times can I recall one of Atlus’ flagship RPG series getting a direct sequel. 2013’s SMTIV (also on the 3DS) getting one was a pleasant surprise. SMTIV:A takes places a year after the events of SMTIV … Continue reading

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Starcraft Remastered to arrive August 14; Original Starcraft now FREE

Last week, Blizzard announced the HD Remake of the first Starcraft game + its expansion Brood War will be released together on August 14. This comes a few months after Blizzard released the original Starcraft 1 game + its expansion … Continue reading

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