The usual overcrowded servers crashing highlight problems with Battle For Azeroth’s Global Launch

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Leave it to the Internet Trolls and the impatient few who couldn’t log in on Day One to make things sound worse than they really were.

Although I don’t have the new expansion Battle for Azeroth yet, I was online when it launched. I was leveling one of my alts on Draenor (Now two expansions ago) at the time on my laptop while following the BFA news on my desktop (I know how to multitask!) via the WoW Forums as well as MMO-Champion. The latter site, which has now has gained a track record for being where Ex-WoW players go to bash the game in the last several years did not disappoint.

Now, it is no secret WoW actually does have a serious overcrowding problem with its four biggest servers and has almost from the beginning. I won’t name them but I do not play on any of the servers in question myself. I have always played on Medium or Medium-Low Population servers. Cross-Realm and Sharding Tech are nothing more than band aids to the much larger issue exclusive to those servers.

My idea?

Move half the players off those servers and force them to migrate to the lowest-pop servers. It wouldn’t be all at once but it would be gradual and yes, whole guilds can do it like it is now. Blizzard can incentivize the move by offering players who move their choice of two mounts from the WoW Store for free and their choice of the mounts you normally have to participate in the Recruit a Friend Promotion to get, also free. We’re talking two $25 mounts ($50 Total) plus a mount that requires buying the full game to get ($50) being given to you for free just for opting into moving to a Low-Pop Server. Of course, they can pick which low-pop server they move to. The move itself would be free of charge of course.

That aside, it was basically like the launch of Legion and Warlords of Draenor: Switch flipped, most dive into new content for the first few weeks, gets bored and then stops playing until new content is released. A player reached the new level cap of 120 in 5 hours, getting the World First. Me, I never rush through new content. Mostly because I’m an Altoholic.

I know when I do something for the first time I’m gonna be doing it again 10+ times and I don’t mind either. I haven’t done 60% of Suramar yet. I haven’t done any of Broken Shore or Argus either. I plan to farm Rep with the Legion Factions so I can unlock the corresponding Allied Racies in BFA. This includes the Highmountain Tauren. I think I’m Revered with them on my lone Level 110 Character (Human Death Knight), can’t remember. I do know that Legion Rep Gains were increased in the case of Allied Races to shorten the grind. The precondition to unlock an Allied Race introduced in Legion is to become Exalted with the faction.

Moving on.

I do think the next expansion will be announced in two years. Blizzard announced a few years back they design future expansions two expansions in advance since the tech has updated enough to allow them to do it. What this means is new content comes faster and there is a shorter wait between expansions. LOL they learned their lesson from Cata to MoP: 16 months of Madness of Deathwing. 10 Months of Seige of Orgrimmar was a little better but they got it right with Warlords of Draenor. So, when Mists of Pandaria was live they began working on Legion (Warlords came next). When Warlords was live, they began working on Battle for Azeroth (Legion came next). Right now they are working on the expansion coming two expansions after BFA so they already finished the design phase for the expansion coming after BFA. Get it? Got it? Good.

Prettymuch they do not announce the next expansion until they have the Alpha player-ready. I Beta tested Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor so…yeah. BFA was announced at BlizzCon 2017. The expansion launched this past Monday. The time inbetween was spent wrapping up Legion and setting up for BFA. They did a much better job this time than they did with the Warlords to Legion transition. Alot of it has to do with the flow of the story and the Faction War being the main story of BFA.

I’ll end with this: Everyone is (painfully) aware BFA is a filler expansion like Cataclysm was for Mists and Warlords was for Legion. It will be interesting to see how the expansion to come after BFA is set up moving forward.


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