Confirmed: A Level Squish in World of Warcraft IS coming!

MMO-Champion picked up a story that first broke on Reddit. The thing is, proof was included in screenshots from a survey apparently sent out to some active subscription holders.



Blizzard hasn’t publicly commented on a Level Squish to come though MMO-Champion did refer to an interview  of some of the Devs talking about the pros and Cons of a Level Squish if they were to do it. It seems we now know they decided the Pros outweight the Cons and more so for Newer Players.

Currently, the max level is 120. As you can see in the second screenshot the new level cap will be “dramatically lower” than 120. It’s fair to assume it will likely be lowered to 80, 60 or even less. 60 was the original level cap before the first expansion Burning Crusade raised it to 70. The second expansion Wrath of the Lich King raised it to 80. The next expansion Cataclysm raised the level cap to 85 while the one that followed, Mists of Pandaria raised it to 90. The following expansion Warlords of Draenor raised the level cap to 100 while the previous expansion Legion raised it to 110 and the current expansion Battle for Azeroth has it at 120.

Either way some significant changes would need to be made since certain features are unlocked at certain levels. Here’s the current list of things unlocked at specific levels currently:

  • Level 10: Class Specializations Unlocked
  • Level 15: Dungeon Finder, Level 15 Talents and Battlegrounds Unlocked
  • Level 20: Riding Unlocked
  • Level 30: Level 30 Talents Unlocked
  • Level 40: Fast Riding Unlocked
  • Level 45: Level 45 Talents Unlocked
  • Level 60: Vanilla Wow Raiding, Outland and Northrend (Level 58 to 80), Flying on Kalimdor + Eastern Kingdoms and Level 60 Talents Unlocked
  • Level 70: Burning Crusade Raiding, Epic Flying and the Isle of Quel’Danas (level 70) Unlocked
  • Level 75: Level 75 Talents Unlocked
  • Level 80: Northrend Raiding, Cataclysm Areas + Pandaria (Level 80 to 90) and Fast Flying Unlocked
  • Level 90: Cataclysm and Pandaria Raiding, Draenor (Level 90 to 100) and Level 90 Talents Unlocked
  • Level 100: Draenor Raiding, Tanaan Jungle (Level 90), The Broken Isles (Level 100 to 110) and Level 100 Talents Unlocked
  • Level 110: Legion Raiding, Suramar (level 110) Kul Tiras and Zandalar (Level 110 to 120) Unlocked
  • Level 120: BFA Raiding, War Fronts and PVP Talents Unlocked


…That of course doesn’t account for Classes learning skills while leveling among other things. There’s also the fact Worgen, Goblins, Death Knights and Demon Hunters have unique starting experiences and in the case of the two classes, their talents are learned at different levels from everyone else. A lot will need to be adjusted for the Level Squish to work while also factoring Starter Edition Accounts (which are capped at 20).

Anywho, my running theory is the new Level Cap will be 60 or 80. I also think Starter Editon Accounts will be have their level caps raised to 25.

If the new cap is 70, here is how I think expansion content and a few other things could be introduced:

  • Level 10: Riding Unlocked
  • Level 25: Epic Riding Unlocked and the new Starter Edition Level Cap
  • Level 30: Flying, Outland + Northrend Unlocked
  • Level 40: Cataclysm + Pandaria Areas Unlocked
  • Level 50: Epic Flying and Draenor Unlocked
  • Level 60: Fast Flying and Broken Isles Unlocked
  • Level 70: Kul Tiras + Zandalar Unlocked
  • Level 80: War Fronts and PvP Talents Unlocked


I factored PvE Talents. They would unlock every 10 levels. Dungeon Finder and Battlegrounds would still unlock at level 15.

If the new Cap is 60, here is how it could look:

  • Level 25: Same as above + Outland + Northrend Unlocked
  • Level 30: Cataclysm + Pandaria Areas Unlocked Unlocked
  • Level 40: Draenor Unlocked
  • Level 50: Broken Isles Unlocked
  • Level 55: Kul Tiras + Zandalar Unlocked
  • Level 60: War Fronts and PvP Talents Unlocked


Same idea as above in short. You can elect to level in the new expansion area to the cap or not in short. There would also be another EXP Squish as well to make it work. If the cap is UNDER 60…whew. I’ll leave that to Blizzard to figure out!


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