Review: Sonic The Hedgehog 1: The Movie (2020)

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Just 7 months ago, video game fans were treated to this:


The immediate backlash from Sonic’s appearance in the first trailer hit Paramount Pictures–and Sega–so HARD, they pushed back the movie’s release by 3 months to redesign the legendary video game character.

On the date of the movie’s originally planned release–November 12, 2020–Paramount Pictures released a new trailer:


Let’s just say the response was much better received. In fact, Sonic The Hedgehog currently sits at #2 in highest-grossing video game movies of all time. 1998’s Pokemon: The First Movie sits at #1 on that note.

If you like easter eggs–more so if you’ve played both 2D and 3D Sonic games–you’ll find one in every single scene. This is coming from a guy who’s only played most of the 2D Sonic games. I’ve never played any of the 3D Sonic games and that’s mostly because I either didn’t have a Dreamcast or I was busy playing other stuff. I’ve been meaning to play Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 for 20 years now so you have the Gamecube version of both games, do let me know. Anywho, I caught a most of the Easter Eggs including the ones from games I never played. My favorite was actually a direct reference to the first trailer: Near the end of the movie, Sonic utters the phrase “Gotta go fast.”


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Jim Carrey playing Dr. Ivo Robotnik aka Dr. Eggman was a solid choice and he was the redeeming part of the original teaser. Everyone saw enough to know it would be a must-watch movie. He’s called Dr. Robotnik in the movie but Sonic is the one who calls him Dr. Eggman because of the egg-shaped drones he controls. He’s called Dr. Robotnik in most of the 2D Sonic games but his name is switched to Dr. Eggman as he has always been known by in Japan for the 3D games.

The second picture is one of the two post-credits scenes. After getting banished to another world, Dr. Robotnik shaves his head bald and assumes his iconic appearance from the video games. Carrey himself said he had a lot of fun playing the mad scientist and looks forward to doing it again. Of course he has to be brought back ^_^


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Tails appears in the other post credits scene arriving on Earth. And he’s looking for Sonic. We learned earlier in the movie Sonic isn’t the only one who can use those rings to travel between worlds so seeing Tails pop out of one wasn’t a surprise.

In the flashback scenes we see early in the movie, a tribe of Knuckles is seen hunting down Sonic. If this sounds familiar, that’s how Sonic and Knuckles first came to know each other way back in Sonic 3. Weather or not they know where Sonic went to remains to be seen but given Tails was able to track him down, it may just be a matter of time.


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The director revealed in a recent interview that they were considering introducing Super Sonic in the movie but decided against it. Sonic is able to transform into Super Sonic once he has all 7 Chaos Emeralds (as well as at least 50 Rings in most of the video games). While transformed he is faster, invincible and can jump higher. In Sonic & Knuckles, you have access to an additional level where you literally fly through space as Super Sonic. To introduce Super Sonic would naturally mean introducing the Chaos Emeralds.

Overall, I give Sonic The Hedgehog 1: The Movie a 10/10. A must-see for any video game fan. It’ll keep you engaged from start to finish.

It goes without saying there WILL be a sequel. Not just because the movie set up for one very nicely but this one made a ton of money. Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik…just ONE of them can fill a whole movie.

To celebrate the release of this movie and its commercial success (WOOT!), my next Retro Review will be for the very first Sonic The Hedgehog game released back in 1991 on the Sega Genesis. ^_^


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