Aurabolt’s Top 10 Lists

Ripped from GameFAQs, these lists will each contain 10 games based on certain parameters. I will add a list at least twice a month, sometimes more and will announce when there is a new list via blog posts. The lists will count down from 10 to 1.

Like my blogs, I will ONLY include games I have played myself. If a game is not here, I haven’t played it myself. That’s my rule.

One other thing: If you see text “missing”, it’s because it is a major spoiler for the game’s plot. Highlight the text to see it.

  • Favorite Pokemon
  • Games I’d like to see made a movie
  • Games I’d like to see as an episodic anime series
  • Favorite Female Protagonists
  • Best Judas Characters
  • Favorite RPG Soundtracks
  • Worst Video Game Fandoms
  • Must-Play series from Super Smash Bros.
  • Coolest cameos in other games
  • Must-Play handhelds with an English Dub