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Retro Gaming: Sequels that outshined the originals

Here we are with the first of many posts this summer on retro games I have played. This post will focus on video game sequels that quickly made folks forget about the original game. I’ll say this now: Putting this … Continue reading

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Stop Everything: The Sims 2 + ALL Expansions and ALL Stuff Packs being given away for FREE

  Talk about AWESOME! Yet another thing to Thank Gamespot for letting everyone know. The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection includes the base Sims 2 game along with every single Sims 2 expansion pack and stuff pack.  There are eight expansions … Continue reading

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Review: Sim City 4 + Why You Should Skip Sim City 2013

A few years ago I got SimCity 4 and its expansion Rush Hour as part of a set with three other SimCity games at Best Buy for $20. That Bundle is The Sim City Box. This review, however is specifically … Continue reading

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Review: Harvest Moon 3D: A Tale of Two Towns

  The 10th installent in the Harvest Moon seriess, ToTT would be the last HM handheld releasd on Nintendo’s current and previous handhelds (3DS and DS). I have the 3DS version but this review is for both versions. Speakng of … Continue reading

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Retro Game Review: Civilization (SNES)

  I know what you’re probably thinking: I’ve got Civilization IV and I’m reviewing a game released back in 1995. Sometimes you gotta go back in time to appreciate the present and look forward to the future. For those unfamiliar … Continue reading

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