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That time Nintendo made two different NES Super Mario Bros. 2 Games

…This happens far less today than it did 30 years ago but often, a game maker would make two or more prototypes of an upcoming game and then pick the one they like the most to focus on. Depending on … Continue reading

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Retro Gaming: Sequels that outshined the originals

Here we are with the first of many posts this summer on retro games I have played. This post will focus on video game sequels that quickly made folks forget about the original game. I’ll say this now: Putting this … Continue reading

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SNES Virtual Console Games Coming to the New Nintendo 3DS

…And I want to emphasize exclusively to the New Nintendo 3DS. The cherry-picked SNES titles games will be titled at $8 each and no, no discount will be offered if you already bought the game on the Wii or Wii … Continue reading

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The Gamestop Controversy

Note: This was originally posted On the original site and reposted on the forums. This version has been updated from the original. I figure I talk about this given how famous–or imfamous–Gamestop is on various gaming news websites and fan … Continue reading

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RPG Game Reviews: Personal Faves Part 1

Below are some quick reviews of a couple of RPGs I’ve played over the years spanning multiple game systems. In another blog I’ll talk (via You Tube video) on what a game must have to be an RPG. Don’t read … Continue reading

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The Evolution of the Nintendo Controller

Ah, where has the time gone? What you see are all of the controllers in Nintendo’s console history past to present. I went through 6 SNES Controllers (don’t ask) and thanks to the Wii’s backwards compatability my Wavebird gets plenty … Continue reading

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Retro Game Review: Civilization (SNES)

  I know what you’re probably thinking: I’ve got Civilization IV and I’m reviewing a game released back in 1995. Sometimes you gotta go back in time to appreciate the present and look forward to the future. For those unfamiliar … Continue reading

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