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The major character deaths in Legion begs certain questions; Expansion 7’s location Hinted [MAJOR SPOILERS]

I won’t mince words: Alot of Lore Characters are gonna die at the beginning of Legion. Then again, you probably knew that from the reveal last year in Europe as well as the wording on the official website for WoW. … Continue reading

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I noticed something interesting about the Choreography for a certain song in P4DAN

Specifically the Lotus Juice Remix of Backside of the TV, which is performed by Yosuke Hanamura. Here is it from four different angles played simultaneously: Doesn’t the choreography look remarkably similar to a certain Artist? Specifically, this one:   Michael … Continue reading

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Gamespot Comments on Gaming Journalism

  You can read it in full here.   The statement was released in reaction to what’s come to be known as Gamergate. No, not the ant variety. Read the Wikipedia article I just linked for complete details. As I … Continue reading

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Microsoft: “The Age of Single-Purpose Consoles is Over.”

And I agree. Xbox Director of Product Planning Albert Penello said so during a panel at CES 2014 in Los Vegas yesterday. I was reading an excerpt of what he was talking about on Gamespot and checked out the source … Continue reading

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Mercenaries of the Fire Emblem Universe

When war comes knocking, sometimes your own army might not be enough to pull through. Just one of the following people or mercenary guilds could easily tip the scales of war in your favor. For those familiar with Fire Emblem … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Retro Viking:
Lately I have been seeing a few videos largely about the censorship forced on the Mortal Kombat franchise by Nintendo at the time they first ported the arcade on the SNES. It has a lot…

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America’s “Love” of War and War-Like Games

I was planning to write this blog at a later, more appropriate time but due to one of the implications raised in the aftermath of the Tragedy in Newtown, I’ve decided to pen this now. As a self-professed lifetime gamer … Continue reading

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Review: Mists of Pandaria

The way Jade Forest’s Storyline ended and the way The Vale of Eternal Blossoms begins you’re told the next phase of The War for Pandaria will commence in two months. Blizzard released the Patch (Titled Landfall) almost two months to … Continue reading

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Game Review: Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones

Ah, yes. The Black Sheep of the Fire Emblem Games. Interestingly, Fire Emblem The Sacred Stones (called Fire Emblem 8: Seima no Kouseki in Japan) is one of only two Fire Emblem games (the other being Thracia 776, a Japan-only … Continue reading

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