Fire Emblem Awakening Tips and Strategies

Tips and Strategies

Weather you’ve played the game since it launched in North America/Europe/Japan or you recently got the game, there might be something on this page of benefit to you! I myself got the game on the day of its North American release and have spent at least 2 hours a day (6 hours on weekends or holidays) playing it in 2013. I have learned much about the ins and outs of the game since then but I will give credit where credit’s due:

Bookmark Serenes Forest for all your Fire Emblem needs. If you can’t see text like this, that’s a major spoiler. To see it, highlight the text.

Tip: “Unlimited” Spotpass/DLC Characters or Guest Avatars

Before I go further, I will assume all of the following on your part:

  • You have at least completed Chapter 4 (Outrealm Gate unlocked, granting full access to DLC, Streetpass and Spotpass Features)
  • You have at least one Legacy Character obtained via DLC/Spotpass Team or a Guest Avatar.
  • You know how to make use of the DLC Map The Golden Gaffe (up to 72,000 Gold for routing all enemies)
  • You are proficient with using Second Seals and Master Seals to class change.

For those who don’t know, Nintendo’s online systems are updated every Thursday at 11:00AMPST/2:00PMEST. This includes new DLC (Downloadable Content) and Spotpass Data. As of April 26 all 12 Spotpass Fire Emblem series teams are now available in North America. Each series contains 10 teams led by a recruitable legacy character from all twelve previous Fire Emblem Games. For example If you defeat or recruit the Spotpass version of Ike (Lv. 20 Hero with Armsthrift) he will become available as a playable character. The same goes for the DLC version of Ike (Recruited from Rogues and Redeemers 3, Lv. 20 Hero with Luna).

Let’s start with your own Avatar. Although it is automatically registered into the Logbook when you beat the final boss, you can manually register your Avatar at anytime. Once it’s been registered into the Logbook you can recruit it in your other game files by paying the recruitment fee. It’s interesting to note both DLC and Spotpass Legacy Characters have access to the same classes as an Avatar: ALL of them barring the gender exclusive classes (Barbarian and Advanced Classes plus Fighter and Warrior, Pegasus Knight and Promoted Classes plus Troubadour and Valkyrie, Dread Fighter and Bride) and Special Classes such as Dancer and Manakete. The Spotpass version of Tiki’s a special exception as like the story version the Spotpass version comes as a Manakete but has access to all of the classes her story version does plus what a Female Avatar would.

Anyway, once a character’s been added to the Logbook it will stay there until you’ve reached 99 characters in the logbook and the cheapest entries start getting overwritten. You can avoid this by using the Lock feature, which will prevent a character from being deleted due to a full logbook. As a reminder you can only have 20 Bonus Characters on your team per game file at a time. Bonus Characters such as the Legacy Characters, DLC Characters and Guest Avatars count but NOT the characters you get from Spotpass Paralogue Maps (Priam and four others I won’t name due to spoilers). Once you have 20, to add another you will be prompted to swap out one of the existing 20.

Here’s where things get interesting and important, more so if you’re playing on Hard, Lunatic or Lunatic+ for the first time or you’re playing any difficulty in Classic Mode (lost units are lost forever) OR you’re doing the DLC Map Apotheosis. If a Bonus Character falls in battle you can simply recruit it again via the Logbook. Naturally, the more powerful it is the more expensive it will cost. The cost will not increase if the character has died. Numerous class changes and the character’s level dictate the price. For example, ALL of the Avatars I have created now cost over 100,000 Gold each to recruit them the easy way. Why? Because I have class changed with them to every class for the class skills until I got them all and they all have the Limi Breaker Skill equipped. You can go ahead and try to beat my Streetpass Team (To which I must say Good Luck, LOL) though if you do, be prepared to lose units even if you Pair Up!

By now hopefully you get the idea: Characters in the Avatar Logbook can be used over and over again. I realized I didn’t say this yet but unequipped skills are also saved in the Logbook with each character. When you initially get a DLC/Spotpass character those skills are all they’ve got but yeah.

Tip: Master the Skills and you will Master the World

As  I mentioned in the previous Protip all of the Avatars I’ve created cost over 100,000 Gold to recruit the easy way. All credit goes to this page on Serenes Forest. I used that page as a guide to know which classes learn what skills and when. Study it.

Now, everyone has their favorite Class. Mine is Grandmaster (Tactician’s Advanced Class). Those still playing through the game who’ve Streetpassed with me will have noticed my Avatar Colin has skills from other classes including Limit Break, a skill which can only by obtained via Paid DLC (Rogues and Redeemers 3, same map Lv. 20 Hero Ike is recruited on). The thing I love about Fire Emblem Awakening is you can have your cake AND eat it, too. You can also replay DLC Maps repeatedly to get more of a skill.

Here’s a few skills I would reccommend getting for certain classes. See the page I linked to above to find out what the corresponding Skill does. Except Iote’s Shield (gotten by completing Lost Bloodlines 3, same map Lv. 8 Swordmaster Lyn is recruited on), which I will explain here: It doesn’t stop all damage (it would be game-breaking if it did!). It prevents the bonus damage Flying Units would receive when attacked with arrows or Wind Magic.

How here’s what I reccommend for a few classes:

  • Any Flier Class: Iote’s Shield, Axefaire/Lancefaire (depends on the class), Aegis, Bond (Female Units only) or Wrath (Male Units only) and Tome Breaker/Bow Breaker. Male units with Wrath become dangerous once their health is less than half–assuming that happens with all of these suggested skills equipped–while female units with Bond give 10 HP every turn to all allies who are nearby (with 3 spaces in any direction).
  • Any Healing Class: Healtouch, Bond or Counter (Male Units Only), Patience, All Stats+2 and Miracle. Simply keeping female healers alive ensures nearby allies get 10 HP at the start of your turn. Male healers return damage receieved though with both genders,  All Stats+2 and Miracle adds a bit of survivability.
  • Swordmaster: Galeforce (Female Units, DLC Seliph and Male Morgan only) or Counter, Pavise, Aggressor (Male Units only) or Demoiselle (Female Units or Male Morgan Only), Lifetaker/Sol/Renewal (Sol if Lifetaker is not available. If both Lifetaker and Sol are not available either then Renewal), and Lethality or Astra. Male Swordmasters will wreak destruction upon enemy ranks while Female Swordmasters will have the benefit of supporting their male allies with an extra move in the same turn. The Self-Healing move allows healers to focus on other units while you can pick your finisher with Lethality and Astra.
  • The Conqueror: Conquest (DLC Ephraim, Walhart, Morgan as Walharts son and Zephiel only), Galeforce or Counter, Pavise and Lifetaker/Sol. As the title implies the sole purpose is to smash enemy formations hard and fast. As such it doesn’t need allies. Each slain enemy restores health in Lifetaker/Sol to boot.

The following skills are an absolute must above Normal especially on Lunatic+ or Apotheosis. Note that the trigger rate percentage (%) is based on the indicated stat. The higher the stat, the more likely or often it will activate.

  • Pavise (Level 15 General Skill): Sometimes cuts damage from Swords, Lances, Axes (Including magical variants) and Beast Stones in half. Activation rate depends on Skill %. The enemy-only Pavise+ always halves the damage.
  • Aegis (Level 15 Paladin Skill): Sometimes cuts damage from Tomes, Bows and Dragon Stones in half. Activation rate depends on Skill %. The enemy only Aegis+ always halves the damage.
  • Galeforce (Level 15 Dark Flier Skill): Grants the unit an extra move after killing an enemy unit. Will not activate under any other circumstance (Healing an ally, using a Rescue Stave, etc.).
  • Armsthrift (Level 1 Mercenary Skill): Attacks will not lower weapon durability when active. Activation rate depends on Luck %.
  • Renewal (Level 15 War Cleric/War Monk Skill): Unit recovers 30% of HP at start of the Player Phase. No action required.
  • Lifetaker (Level 15 Dark Knight Skill): User recovers 50% HP damage inflicted after killing an enemy unit during the player phase. WIll not activate during the Enemy or Other Phases.
  • Limit Breaker (DLC Skill; Reward for clearing Rogues & Redeemers 3): Raises character’s max stats (except HP) by 10. Stats will revert when the skill is unequipped.
  • Dual Guard + (Level 15 Great Knight Skill): Increases Dual Guard Rate by 10%.
  • Dual Support + (Level 15 Valkyrie Skill): Increases Dual Support bonus stat gains.

I’m not saying the others are not important or handy but these skills will make a huge difference. They’re well worth the time investment needed to get them. For example I’m sure you’ve wondered why the Glass Weapons and certain powerful Tomes only have 3 to 10 uses. A unit with high luck can use them indefinitely. For example my Katarina’s (DLC version) Luck is 52 (Without Limit Breaker its 42). Translated to percents that 52%. As it happens she also has Armsthrift. Never once have I seen the weapons she has equipped lose their durablity since I capped her skills.

Apotheosis/The Strongest One’s Name: Getting Katarina

Heres is the stratedgy I followed. I take no credit for this.

The only way to get her is by clearing all five rounds of Apotheosis, or The Strongest One’s Name (henceforth TSON) as it’s called in the Japanese Version. To call Apotheosis/TSON easier said than done is a MASSIVE understatement: It gets exponentially harder with each round. I used a stratedgy offered on Serenes Forest to clear this map. At the time, I already had the Skill and Item requirements outlined in the stratedgy:



1. 2 Limit Breaker scrolls

2. A fully capped Sorcerer Avatar with Luna, Aegis, Pavise, Limit Breaker and Armsthrift

3. A fully capped Paladin Chrom (magic, res and luck over 30 at least) with Dual Guard+, Dual Strike+ and Limit Breaker

4. 10 forged Brave Lances (max might, then hit)

5. 1 forged Waste (max might, then hit)

6. 1 forged Aversa’s Night / Nosferatu

7. A lot of Elixirs

8. Some patience (could take an hour or so once everything is prepared, if you’re unlucky)

9. A support


To get Aversa’s Night, keep soft resetting on Summer Scramble (it has 18 shiny tiles).




Start the first round by pairing Chrom up with the Avatar, and equip Waste with the Avatar. He should be able to take all the hits from the Generals as they are not very strong, and they should all be dead on the enemy phase. If not, just kill them on the player phase. After that, go for the war clerics on the forts with Waste. Both should die in one round.


The second round is easy as well. Ask for the fliers instead of the war clerics. Waste + Brave Lance makes quick work of everyone here. Use an Elixir if necessary. Also, lure the enemies to the throne in order to take advantage of it for the Longbow Snipers next round.


The third round is probably the hardest other than the last, because of the Longbow snipers. Make your way to the throne to take out a few Generals. The Snipers and Bow Knights should be on their way now. Hopefully you haven’t taken too much damage yet. Try to kill one sniper per turn with Waste, and go back to the throne and use an Elixir when necessary. Keep killing snipers until you get to the next round. Don’t be afraid to use Aversa’s Night if you feel like you might die soon.


The fourth round is easy. Simply stay on the throne (lure enemies if necessary by going into their range, the AI does that sometimes). The Superior Jolt fliers are not a big problem as long as you use Waste.


The fifth round is tough and you may need Aversa’s Night for this one as you get ganged up on by enemies. You will need to go down and lure one of them; if you do, the entire army will start coming for you. Try luring them by switching to Chrom (his 8 move allows him to get away to the throne better). Wait a few turns to get rid of everyone with Waste and Elixirs on the throne. There are probably going to be a few survivor heroes and paladins remaining, not counting the Longbow snipers. There are a lot of Longbow snipers here, and it’s troubling. Once at full HP and once you’ve killed everyone you can on EP, move from the throne and start killing snipers with Waste (try going for the strongest sniper with 85 might). This is the riskest part of the guide because you might get gangbanged by a bunch of units and not activate Pavise, Aegis and Dual Guard enough, but you should be able to do it if you keep trying. The surviving heroes and paladins should die on the enemy phase to your Waste. Kill Snipers one by one with Waste until they’re all down. Finally, go for the War Clerics and Falcon Knights with Waste at the south part of the map. It should be easy.

I Got Katarina on my 3rd attempt.

The Lost Tactician, Katarina

For the 3rd attempt I brought in two Guest Avatars with LB, Pavise, Aegis, Armsthrift and GF (Female) and Ingis (Male). The Male was a Sniper and the female was a Swordmaster. Never went to the Throne the entire map. After the first round I just juggled them around the fort in the bottom-left corner. The Sniper + Towering Bow came in handy for the Enemy Snipers with Longbows. While the enemies were busy trying to kill the Guest Avatars, My AvatarxChrom took them out one by one. I lost my Guest Avatars in Round 5 (200,000G to recruit them both again ^_^) though my AvatarxChrom’s HP never went below 50. Still had two unused Forged Brave Lances left over though.

I’d say if you have Guest Avatars or Avatars from your other save files USE THEM! The money needed to recruit them again is trivial compared to losing a permanent unit. Plus their stats are superior to the Spotpass Teams. I got what I went in for and am in no hurry to do it again (LOL!).

As a heads up Apotheosis costs $2.50.  The DLC Map the Skill Limit Breaker drops from (Rogues and Redeemers 3) costs $3.00. In order to clear that map you will need to go in with your best team as the map’s difficulty is just above Future Past 3 due to the presence of Aegis and Pavise on many of the enemy NPCs. I’ll go into detail on Awakening’s Skills and DLC Packs including why it’s more cost effective to buy them in packs even now that all the North American DLC has been released.

Alot is assumed though if you’re going to attempt Apotheosis without having played the game on Lunatic+ before, I STRONGLY suggest you follow the above stratedgy EXACTLY to the letter.

Tip: Despoiling The Risen

This is pretty simple: The Level 1 Barbarian Skill Despoil (Male only class) gives you a Small Bullion, which is worth 1000G. The drop rate is based on your Luck %. I’ll be the first to tell you just do The Golden gaffe DLC Map if you want to make an easy 72,000+ Gold per run. Of course, some of the Risen on that map require a high-level unit to beat them and I’m also mindful not everyone will have this DLC pack for whatever reason. Anyway, the Risen on the Ylisse maps you’ve already cleared aren’t good for much outside EXP and even there, you’re better off just doing the EXponential Growth DLC Map.

My point: Make a team of fliers–Streetpass DLC Units might be quicker if you have access to DLC Maps–and give them the Despoil Skill. Next, go to a map that has alot of Risen on it. I reccommend The Sea King’s Throne or The Field of Giants (both Spotpass Maps). To cut the costs of buying weapons make sure they all have Armsthrift and their Luck Stat is above 60.  Since both maps I just named have over 30 Risen post-clear, you’re basically guaranteed to get a Small Bullion with each kill. Do the math and you should average 15 to 24 Bullion per run, which translates into 15k to 24k Gold per run.

While yes, the payout is much higher in The Golden Gaffe but due to that map’s mechanics you have a limited number of turns to kill everything.  With this stratedgy the enemies will come to you and assuming the units you use have hoguh enough stats you should clear each map in about a minute per run.



It’s been a year since Fire Emblem Awakening was released. I’ll leave this page up as a point of reference. If you found this page useful at all feel free to share it on Social Media and etc.


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